Select Exhibitions and Displays

Ilana Halperin: Chaos Terrain, Boswell Collection, University of St Andrews (8 November 2022).

Flora Yukhnovich: Fête galante, Leeds Arts University (28 February – 9 April 2020).

31 Women, Sedona Arts Center (3 – 26 January 2020).

Mieke Bal: Don Quichotte: Sad Countenances, Leeds Arts University (9 January – 14 February 2020).

Ilana Halperin: Minerals of New York, Leeds Arts University (28 March – 9 May). A variation toured to The Hunterian, University of Glasgow (13 July – 13 October 2019).

Yoko Ono at Leeds, Leeds Arts University (8 February – 14 March 2019).

Nicola Dale: Figurehead, Leeds Arts University (9 – 31 January 2019).

Aggregate: Fritha Jenkins and Edna Lumb, Leeds Arts University (14 February – 29 March 2018).

Zsófia Jakab: “Beckoning” with Chloe Briggs, Tessa Farmer and Eleanor Morgan, Leeds Arts University (19 January – 8 February 2018). 

Laurence Figgis: (After) After, Leeds Arts University (11 August – 29 September 2017). 

Leonora Carrington/Lucy Skaer, Leeds Arts University (15 July – 2 September 2016).

Tessa Farmer: In Fairyland with Su Blackwell, Sverre Malling and Annelies Strba at Leeds Arts University (30 January – 26 February 2015). A variation toured to Viktor Wynd’s Museum of Curiosities, London (June 2015).

Select Catalogue Essays and Interpretation Texts

C. McAra, ‘Star Pennies: Ilana Halperin’s Geo-Heritage’ in Ma Famille Poudingue (Digne: Cairn Arts Centre, 2022). Translated into French.

C. McAra, Kim L. Pace: Kindred (Edinburgh: Arusha Gallery, 2022).

C. McAra, Rachel Goodyear: Stirrings (Blackpool: Grundy Art Gallery, 2022).

C. McAra, ‘Quest for a Feminist-Surrealism’ in 31 Women Artists (Sedona: Sedona Arts Center, 2020), 14-19.

C. McAra, Mercurious: Kim L. Pace and Sarah Woodfine (London: Danielle Arnaud Gallery, 2019).

C. McAra, ‘Flora Yukhnovich: Millennial Rococo’ in Flora Yukhnovich: Sweet Spot (London: Parafin, 2019), 4-9.

C. McAra, ‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’ in Dorothea Tanning: Unknown but Knowable States (San Francisco: Gallery Wendi Norris, 2013), 9-17.

C. McAra, ‘Tessa Farmer’ in Hunters and the Hunted: Insects in Contemporary Art (Burgrieden: Museum Villa Rot, 2012). Translated into German.

C. McAra, Tessa Farmer: Nymphidia (London: Danielle Arnaud Gallery, 2011).

C. McAra, Be the Hammer or the Anvil (Dundee: Generator Projects, 2010).

Flora Yukhnovich: Fête galante, February 2020. Photo by Memory Potifa.

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